Say hello to your profitable and transformative course

Your business is ready to meet its next-level self.

You are wildly overloaded with 1:1 clients and the many other responsibilities that come with being CEO. You expect excellence from yourself and your business, and that includes sharing your hard-earned wisdom more widely and profitably. You’ve reached a turning point in your entrepreneurial path, and it’s leading you head-first towards offering an online course.

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Six Steps to Your Profitable and Transformative Course

With a thoughtful, no-nonsense approach, you can curate a learning experience that dazzles and inspires your people from day one… without letting the other pieces of your business fall by the wayside.

But let's get real...

When it comes to the product, course, or program you’ve been dreaming about:

  • The idea of building it from scratch feels pretty time-consuming … and you strongly suspect it may be never-ending.
  • You’d much rather word-vomit everything on your mind and have someone else organize it for you.
  • You feel much better suited to attracting enough of the right people to your course, than you do to actually making it.

You want to serve your audience right from the start, but know that it’s not the best use of your time and talents to do. Lucky for you…


As CEO of your business, your time is much better spent as the face (and brain!) of your company.

Instead of running around behind the scenes, hyper-focused on the nuanced module-by-module outline for your program, you could be leaning in on the marketing, networking, and launch plan that will make your course profitable.

Instead of agonizing over what belongs in the module three slide deck, but OH WAIT does it actually belong in module four? … you could be attending networking events and hosting webinars that get your future course clients pumped up for what you are creating.

Instead of making night-before-launch decisions about whether or not your clients are expecting a workbook, you could be gearing up for a smooth launch with a celebratory glass of wine and a solid good night of sleep.

Long story short? You’re an expert in your business, but not in learning design, and that’s a-ok with you.

What if you could confidently launch a digital offering that changes lives and opens up time in yours?

The first step? Take back the hours you were about to spend designing and building your course on your own.

We can be a dream team, instead!

  • You bring the vision,
  • I bring course structure full of innovation,
  • And your new course? It brings the transformation.

Hola, I'm Emily.

I help passion-driven entrepreneurs design inspirational online courses that widen the reach of their businesses and create ripple effects of positive change in the world.

I’m driven by the pursuit of learning, energized by the expertise of others, and committed to helping you launch exactly the kind of online learning experience you know your audience deserves.




Six Steps

to your profitable and transformative course

What if you could create and launch your own course within eight weeks? With this free guide, I’m confident that you can. 

Emily Burnett


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Creating a course from scratch is no light lift, and you are one busy CEO.

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